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NTW 20mm : Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle Taifib-1 Marinir

SPECIFICATIONS for 20-mm version :
Cartridge : 20x83.5 mm MG151.
Operation : manual bolt action.
Feed : 3-round box-type, detachable magazine.
Weight, empty : 26 , kg
Overall length :1,795 mm
Rifling : 1 full turn in 560 mm.
Length of barrel, mm:1,000
Muzzle velocity : 720 m/sec
Muzzle energy, : 28,500 Joule
Effective range : > 1,500 m

The Rifle of the 21st Century?

M4, FN Scar, HK416 & XM8

There are far more expensive weapons in the Pentagon's budget that carbine rifles, but none more important to tens of thousands of troops doing the fighting in Iraq and Afganistan.

For well over a decade, the military has relied on one company, Colt Defense of Hartford, Conn., to make M4 carbines that soldiers trust with their lives in combat. Now as Congress considers spending millions of more dollars on the guns, this exclusive arrangement is being sharply criticized as a bad deal for American forces and U.S. taxpayers.

Chek this link and explore the competing weapons and how they compare to the military's M4.

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Sniper Rifles

The sniper has been a common component to the battlefield since the rifle made its first appearance. The designs and capabilities of these weapon systems are similar and their abilities are further enhanced by the addition of specialized scopes, buttstock and bipod arrangements. However, the amount of training and experience separates the average sniper from the true marksman. This appendix describes the characteristics and capabilities of prevalent sniper weapon systems from around the world from the perspective of the US military. The sniper rifle has been a mainstay of the army for over a hundred years now. The sniper itself has become the ultimate assassin - a sort of modern-day "ninja' - capable of avoiding detection, making his way to within a few hundred yards of his target, dispatching said target and returning to his extraction point - all the while going days without contact, communications or a healthy dose of sleep and eats. Ultimately, it is the designated sniper's responsibility to remove a targeted threat in the form of a high ranking official, military officer or rogue enemy element from being an effective part of the modern battlefield. It gives precedence to the old adage of removing the head of the snake to cut off support to the rest of the enemy army.

Sniper rifles come in a powerful array of automatic and bolt-action styles and makes. Most are often modified with specialized telescopic sights and bipod systems, offering the very best in accuracy-inducing ergonomics. Sniper rifles have more recently been fielded in the highly-lethal .50 caliber round capable of penetrating engine blocks let alone human bodies covered in body armor. In addition to advanced in recoil, specialized ammunition and highly technical sights have also made their way into the hands of this very unique soldier. Though most usually have this image of a sniper working alone behind enemy lines, a sniper is only made better by the use of a spotter, following the target through his own scope and calling out adjustments in trajectory and windage as needed. This working in unison provides a most powerful - and lethally hidden - element to any war planner's playbook. Consequently, it does not take too much experience to be trained in being a sniper-type element on the opposite side. It then becomes a case of the hunter becoming the hunted.

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Airsoft Rifles - For Kids Who Never Grew Up

When we were kids we all wanted the guns we saw in the movies; now you can own them - safely.

Owning an airsoft rifle is the dream of every kid who just never really grew up. When we were kids we wanted the ultimate toy - a pellet gun that looked like what we saw in the movies. Airsoft rifles can fulfil that need - there's just something about them that turns grown men into kids all over again. Hundreds of thousands of airsoft owners all over the world can testify to this.
Airsoft rifles may look like toys to some people but when you pick one up you suddenly realize that they're anything but toys. They mimic the real thing so closely that most airsoft guns are now manufactured with an orange flash at the end of the gun barrel. Why? So that both police and army personnel can tell the difference between a real gun and an airsoft model! Although airsoft rifles may look and feel somewhat like the real thing that's where the similarity ends. Airsoft guns are non-lethal because they only fire a 6mm plastic pellet. These are available in variety of weights as well as in glow-in-the-dark and paintball variants and are ideal for tin can or home target shooting.

The neat thing about airsoft rifles are that you can own just about any rifle or assault rifle you can imagine - from the old Thomson submachinegun to the far more modern H&K G36 special ops assault weapon. You can buy a standard sighted rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, sawn off shotgun, assault pistol and also standard carbines. Heck you can even own the Marine M-41A assault rifle from the Alien (TM) movies - it's a modifier kit for an M4 airsoft rifle but having this option is still incredible and a real bonus for the airsoft fans who also love sci-fi. Once you've picked the model you want you then need to choose what type of firing system the gun will have. Airsoft guns can be purchased in spring, gas and AEG (airsoft electric gun) variants with AEGs offering the highest firing rates and usually the highest pellet velocities. Certain spring powered airsoft rifles can outperform electric airsofts in single shot power however - so bear this in mind when you're buying your new gun. Spring powered are the cheapest, gas powered are next up from there and finally AEGs top the table in terms of cost (but also in terms of features and fun). Words can't really express the feeling of excitement you feel when you get your first airsoft gun. There's hours of fun target and tin can shooting ahead of you. Have fun with your gun and stay safe!

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Banning Guns Doesn't Fix The Problem

There are multitudes of rationales that one can make in favor of the banning of firearms both deadly and non deadly force. Those who support such actions against firearms often site the success other countries have had with their banishment of guns. They will also cite that those same countries have much lower crime rates as well as crime to fatality ratios.

It used to be that only true firearms and the laws surrounding them came under scrutiny when someone used one to commit an act of atrocity. More recently however the likes of pellet guns, air rifles and bb guns have come under fire as those without access to true firearms have selected these things as alternative weaponry. Many now call into question not just the legitimacy of pellet guns and their air based cousins but are unsure of whether or not the public should be allow to own such things.There are multitudes of rationales that one can make in favor of the banning of firearms both deadly and non deadly force. Those who support such actions against firearms often site the success other countries have had with their banishment of guns. They will also cite that those same countries have much lower crime rates as well as crime to fatality ratios. Though these examples as well as many others they may make all make convincing arguments I think perhaps that they may be missing several points.I will never defend the actions of individuals who commit such odious crimes against other human beings but I will defend the right to own both real firearms as well as the more recreational different types of pellet guns. While I have great respect for those who wish to remove firearms from our society completely, I could not disagree with their stance more. Regardless of the object or weapon used while engaging in criminal activity, the object is not responsible for any injury or fatality that may occur. Those individuals who choose to commit crimes and deal out physical injuries to others will do so regardless of the weapon they choose. Surely being shot has the potential to kill or at the very least permanently damage the human body but a knife of any type or other kitchen utensil can be just as deadly in the hands of a psychopath. A simple roll of coins can also be used to deal heavy and deadly damage out to another person. Even in the event that all objects capable of being used as a weapon are banned we are still left with our arms and legs. Surprisingly enough more individuals lose their lives to physical beatings delivered by fists and feet. Surely fists and feet can never be banned or removed as they are attached to our body’s. What then would those opposed to firearms say?Should our society continue to act in a manner as to punish the mass for the mistakes of the few? Of course there are some who would say it’s not about punishment but protection and that removing guns will save lives. I say to these people, fine take our guns. In doing so you are indeed punishing those who have a right to own a firearm or even other types of guns such as pellet guns. Once guns are out of the equation, what’s next? These people hell bent on crime and injury will turn to knives, rocksHealth Fitness Articles, and anything thing else they can get their hands on. What then? Do we ban those too?Instead of placing such a hyper focus on objects we should be looking at people and the behaviors of such people. I don’t know that its possible to “fix” another human being or if its possible to show violent people the error of their ways before committing such horrid acts but we’d at least be looking and pointing in the right direction. Death and violence will not decrease nor will it cease simply because we remove weapons from the equation. People who want to kill will always find a way to accomplish the act regardless of what’s available to them.

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SME Ordnance Sdn Bhd (SMEO)

SME Ordnance Sdn Bhd (SMEO) being the pioneer company of the defence in Malaysia is a subsidiary company of National Aerospace & Defence Industries Berhad (NADI) and was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company on 12 November 1969 under the name of Sharikat Malaysia Explosive (Sdn) Berhad and on 5 March 1993, SMEO assumed its present name. Principally, SMEO is involved in the manufacturer and supply of small, medium and large calibre ammunition and bombs, wood based products and engineering, plastic products and metal boxes. The products produced by SME Ordnance are in compliance to Military Standard which is accepted worldwide.

We pride ourselves with our achievement to obtain a license from Colt Defence LLC of United States to manufacture M4 Carbine Weapon in supporting the Malaysian Government decision to change the individual weapons currently used by the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). It is expected that these weapons will not only used by MAF but also will attract other users such as Police, Coast Guard and other enforcement agencies.

With more than 30 years of experience in defence industry with specialized team of home grown experts, SMEO is pursuing its endeavor to broaden its product range to penetrate and to provide better support to the nation and international requirements.

As testament to its reputation as a reliable and quality driven defence manufacturer, SMEO was awarded with several internationally recognized accolades including 'the preferred supplier' of the guns and ammunition business of Royal Ordnance by British Aerospace (United Kingdom). SMEO has also been awarded with the MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems - Requirements by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

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US to Select New Carbine, Next Year or M4 is the New Dodo

KUALA LUMPUR: The story below from Defensenews is self explanatory. I would like to say I told you so but I do not feel I had won anything. Malaysian Defence and its readers had since 2006 questioned the decision to adopt the M4/M16A4 as the standard Malaysian Army assault rifle and the story from DefenseNews vindicated our concerns. The US Army is to ditch the M4 soon and perhaps within two years, they will be equipped with new carbines and even rifles. It is most likely the rest of the US forces, Marines and others will follow the Big Green transition to the new weapon and ditch the Black Rifle. The Malaysian Army in the meantime, will be using the M4 and M16A4 for at least another 20 years or so. We already accepted some 14,000 rifles and if not for the economic downturn, we could have ordered another 30,000 or more of the Black Rifles.
By next year, the US will field its last batch of M4s and M16A4s , so we will have the dubious honour of fielding new Black Rifles in the foreseeable future. Of course, thousands of M4s will be available within the next two decades, but it will be funny isnt it if we were to start looking for a new rifle to replace the Black Rifle within the next few years so. At the same time, it will also be funny for the Malaysian Army to continue purchasing new M4s and M16A4s as the primary user had declared it redundant.
Also from the story below, it appears that SMEO had paid Colt LLC for nothing by acquiring the exclusive manufacturing rights in the country as the design rights of the M4 had been taken over by the US Army. Does this mean that SMEO now has to sign a new contract with the US Army and perhaps has to fork out extra payment to manufacture the M4 in-country now? I am not sure about that but when I found out I will report it here.

US Army Will Open Competition for Carbine - As Soon As Congress Passes Budget

Soldiers could have a new carbine by 2012, unless a Congressional budget impasse slows it down. The Army requested $9.9 million for fiscal 2010, money needed to start the solicitation process for a competition that stands to draw dozens of small arms companies waiting for the chance to unseat the M4 as the Army’s primary soldier weapon.
In July, the service took control of the design rights to the M4 carbine from its sole maker, Colt Defense LLC. The transition of ownership of the M4 technical data package marked the end of an era and Colt’s exclusive status as the only manufacturer of the M4 for the U.S. military for the past 15 years. The transfer of the licensing agreement also frees up the Army to give other companies a crack at a carbine contract. Last November, Army senior leadership announced the service’s intent to open a competition for a new carbine this fall. Then Army Secretary Pete Geren directed the Army’s Infantry Center at Fort Benning, Ga., to update the carbine requirement in preparation for a search for a replacement for the M4. At the same time, the Army is slated to finish fielding the last of its 473,000 M4 requirement some time next year.
Small-arms companies waiting for the chance to compete for the Army’s next carbine view Colt’s loss of the M4 TDP as a new beginning for the industry and for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Malaysian Army

GGK's Barret .50cal Anti Material Sniper Rifle with bull-up configuration.

DENEL 155mm 42cal G5 Howitzer


OTO MELARA 105mm Pack Howitzer

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Paintball Gun Manufacturer Becomes A Leader In The Industry

Tippmann paintball guns have been around since 1986, when the company decided to change from manufacturing replica, half-scale machine guns to the paintball industry.

Although the company was afraid the sport of paintball would be a passing fad, they decided to make the shift into making their proprietary Tippmann paintball markers because gun lawchanges were making it more and more difficult to manufacture replica guns.

Since the Tippmann's were afraid the paintball trend wouldn't last, they decided to make high performance, durable Tippmann paintball guns that were affordable. With the help of their background in machine gun manufacturing, they were the first to build semi-automatic and fully-automatic paintball markers.

Obviously, the sport grew and the demand for Tippmann paintball markers grew too. Today, there are a variety of Tippmann paintball guns to select from...

A5 (available as Electronic, Response, Stealth, and more)

98 Custom Act(available in camo, silver, black, and more)


X7 (available in Basic, Response, EGrip, and more)

With so many different, high-quality Tippmann paintball markers to select from, it's easy to see why the company is considered a leader in the industry. It also explains why the company was able to grow from eight employees in 1986 to over 120 today. The creativity of the replica guns has allowed the sport to continue evolving. Currently, scenario games are growing at a tremendous pace.

Paintball parks are developing nationwide, hosting a variety of scenarios such as famous war battlegrounds like D-Day on Normandy Beach. Perhaps a game of paintball with swat team members rescuing a kidnapper is the scenario? Whatever, the theme, the Tippmann company has been there with new models and styles to choose from. These games would never have grown in popularity if the guns were not realistic. It is what makes it exciting to the paintballers involved. Tippmann has grasped this concept and put their manufacturing expertise behind it.

For those interested in safety, Tippmann guns are a must. The quality, durability and reliability of the paintball guns have allowed the sport to flourish. Without the Tippmann expertise and knowledge of replica guns, the sport would likely be much less advanced. One can only imagine if the early paintball guns were unsafe, riddled with part breakdowns and generally poor quality. On the contrary, the sport has evolved from this manufacturers keen sense of quality products.

Being a leader means that other manufacturers such as Kingman Spyder, Dangerous Power, Dye, Smart Parts and numerous others must also compete. To compete they also have to provide top qualityHealth Fitness Articles, reliability and safety to the consumers. The Tippmann's have lead the way in the industry and all paintball enthusiasts around the world are better off for it. The follower's have developed a wide array of features and choices that complement the player's abilities. The players are well armed to take on the scenarios and challenges before them.

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Military Paintball Guns

Useful article on Military Paintball Guns that may be of interest to you, tips, ideas, recommendations for your knowledge...

This papers is all about the issue that you have been looking for, take your time to read.

There are rather a few paintball gun manufacturers around. While these companies churn out lots of paintball guns the fashion of these guns vary. You can find paintball guns that look unmistakably like military mode weapons. These military paintball guns have different performing capabilities.

They are however good for diverse groups who want to manakin the warlike atmosphere of their paintball wars. In benefit to the guns there are accessories that you can use to make your playacting experience even better. These military paintball guns are normally found in black or woods green to provide cover when you are in the field. You may sometimes find a viewfinder attached to the military machine paintball gun.

Some of the other military paintball guns are equip with a camouflaged body. There are sniper manner military paintball guns as well. These paintball guns are lightweight and sturdy. One of these days you can still get very fast firing capability. This is perfectible when you are sneaking upon an opponent.

In win to these you will find that there are other military paintball guns that many other people like to buy. Some of these will include the Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus Weaponry Paintball Pistol. These paintball guns are also known as the TAG-8 or TAC-8. This particular military machine paintball gun features the world’s first magazine fed paintball pistol.

These military paintball guns or pistols are thickset and they have a high performance factor. You will find that the magazine holds about 1 to 12grams of Carbon dioxide magazine and Octonary paintball's as well. One of the best features that you can find with these Carbon dioxide cartridges is that they automatically seal closed when it's time for you to reload.

You can also use these military paintball guns as well. The WarSensor WG-47Free Reprint Articles, WSP and Zeus Pistol Paintball guns are also good investments for you to make. Did you know that the WarSensor WG-47 has been modeled round General Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK-47? The AK-47 is one of the most wide exploited and recognized armed forces weapons that are available in the world.

As the WarSensor WG-47 military paintball guns have been modeled on this legendary rifle they are possibly one of the most naturalistic paintball guns that you can buy. In make to these military paintball guns you can also get the WarSensor Zeus G1+ and the Zeus G2+ paintball Pistol lines.

These military paintball guns have long been reasoned as essentials in the scenario paintball game for years. With all of these military paintball guns awaiting your alternative you can truly be spoilt for option as you will need to take from all the paintballs guns arrayed in front of you at the store. A little like all your Christmases rolled into one isn’t it?

Thanks for reading and good luck putting this selective information to good use.

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Pic Of The Day

Choosing Paintball Guns

Paintball guns come in all sizes and flavors. Choosing is a tricky proposition, one that involves forethought and trial and error before you find what will fit you best.

There are a lot of variations on paintball guns and the different ways to modify them. The principle question that you have to ask yourself is what strategy you're pursuing and what rules you'll be playing by. Professional tournaments have much stricter rules and regulations on paintball guns and how you can modify them than you and your friends do when you're playing a game in someone's field.

Here are some of the main factors that I would keep in mind when selecting what options to equip your gun with:

- Am I playing by myself or on a team?
- Do I do better with long range shots or close up hits?
- Do I prefer to go hunting for the other players, or do I do better when I patiently wait for them to come to me?
- Am I going to be playing professionally one day, or is this just a fun weekend game with friends?
- How well can I control multiple shots?

Those are all questions that only you can answer for yourself. Hopefully these will help you determine where your talents lie when it comes to handling paintball guns and playing the game.

Now, let's discuss some of the different options available to you. You'll have to work within your budget, of course, so don't feel like you won't get anywhere if you can't start out with the ideal gun. Find a good starting point, and then upgrade as time goes on.

Standard paintball guns are composed of four parts: the barrel, the body, the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or High Pressure Air (HPA) tank, and the hopper. The mask is a necessity as well for your personal protection, but technically isn't a part of the gun itself. Ditto for paintballs.

Barrel length will have a significant impact on your accuracy and maneuverability with the gun. Most are in the 3-21 inch range of length, though some custom ones go as long as 48 inches. Most players select something in the 14-16 inch range. Some players like to go with longer barrels for tournament use, since it allows them to move obstacles without sacrificing cover.

CO2 and HPA tanks are used to propel the paintball out of the gun. HPA tanks offer a more consistent velocity than CO2 does, but come with a heftier price tag. The pressure that the CO2 is held at can sometimes condense into a liquid, which explains the inconsistent velocities with those tanks.

Gravity feed and agitating hoppers are the two most popular types to hold paintballs. Gravity feed hoppers are simply and cheap, since they rely solely on gravity to make additional paintballs available for shooting. However, sometimes the balls can come down too quickly and jam things up as a result. Agitating hoppers operate off of a battery (which can die if you keep tabs on it) that powers a LED light to sense when a paintball is ready to drop to be fired.

Paintball guns have an almost infinite capacity to be customized. Finding the ideal one for yourself will take time, researchComputer Technology Articles, and practice to see what works best with you.

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