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Stun Guns - Usage And Effectiveness

Stun Guns are carried by ordinary citizens and law enforcement for protection against personal attacks and are legal in MOST states.

Stun Guns By Theresa M. Troolines

Many people have seen stun guns in movies and television shows, where the actor uses it to fight off their enemies. In real life, they are carried by police officers, and ordinary citizens to protect themselves from personal attacks. These devices might look somewhat scary, but when used, they temporarily incapacitate the person without causing any long term damage. The stun gun victim will be out of energy and weak and will allow you time to flee.

In general, when we think of electricity hitting our body, we usually assume it is deadly, such as when lightning strikes someone. In small amounts, electricity is harmless. Stun guns consist of a high-voltage, low-amperage electrical charge. This means that the charge has a lot of pressure, but not as much intensity. When held against the attacker, the charge passes through their body affecting the attacker’s nervous system. The charge can even pass through heavy clothing.

The only way this defense can cause damage to the attacker is if held for long periods of time. Since everyone has muscles and nerves, the stun gun is effective anywhere you hit the attacker. Stun guns have a similar design. They are usually straight or curved and about the size of a flashlight and run on ordinary batteries. They are available in a variety of voltages and prices. The highest voltage available at this time is 1,500,000. The more voltage the stun gun has, the more quickly and reliable it will be. It may take more time to be effective if the attacker is large or the stun gun has a lower voltage.

Not every state allows you the right to carry at stun gun for self defense. Stun guns are restricted in: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin, with restrictions in certain cities. If you are caught with a stun gun, you may have to pay a fine.

Please make sure your state or country allows you to possess one legally. Stun guns are perfect for women and seniors, but also for anyone who worries about being physically overpowered by someone else. Stun guns are simple to use. Also, they are convenient to carry and conceal. Stun guns have continuous charges and will be a very reliable defense if needed. This might be the time to look into purchasing a stun gun for yourself or someone you know. Everyone can benefit from owning one. Knowing you have a powerful defense will make your everyday life easier.

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